Cancer and Nutrition

There are very few health diagnoses’ a person can receive that are as devastating as learning you have cancer.

Decades of science and research is proving that nutrition is of critical importance to the immune system in combating cancer, and in fending off the many complications associated with conventional cancer treatments, many of which end up being worse than the cancer itself.

Doctors and scientists have known for over a century that people who eat a diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables have a lower incidence of cancer than people who don’t. It’s only recently that research is starting to explain why.

The human body requires the right balance of chemicals that are made from the food we eat.

With more sophisticated technology that can peer deep into the inner workings of cells, scientists can see and document the affect vitamins and minerals from various parts of plants have on cancer cells. The effects of which often stop the cancer from growing, protects healthy cells from the harmful effects of cancer treatments, and sometimes even causes cancer cells to die.

The human body functions like a finely tuned machine, infinitely more delicate and complex than the most technologically advanced computer. To function optimally it requires the right balance of chemicals (hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and immune cells), which are made from the food you eat. Without the right supply, your internal communication network starts to breakdown. In some people, this communication breakdown causes an autoimmune or cardiovascular disease, in others it causes cancer.

What you eat matters.

Working together, we can refortify your body from the inside out, re-balance your internal systems, and get your immune system doing what it’s supposed to do.

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